Q1. Please give a summary of your award entry (100 words) (note that if your entry is short-listed, we will use this in the communication of your success in the awards): *

The Arabian Healthcare Group comprising Rak hospitals & Arabian Wellness implements comprehensive corporate wellness internally and also implements corporate wellness into other Rak corporates. [Client list attached]. Our team is professionally certified by the Corporate Wellness Association (USA) & the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization ( Geneva) [Certificates attached] Beyond this we have been awarded by Dubai Health authority as well as by the World Health Congress [Certificate attached]Over the years since 2015, we have consistently improved the health of the employees & organizations, two of which recently received international recognition for success in corporate wellness.[Attached awards of Ports & Stevin Rock]

Q2. When did you add corporate wellness into your company’s mission for the United Arab Emirates?*

Arabian Wellness is a group company of the Arabian Healthcare Group of which Rak Hospital is the major constituent. Arabian Wellness was incorporated in 2013 with the following vision & mission

Vision: To become a world leader in providing scientifically proven Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Management Solutions.

Mission: Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management will continuously improve the health of school children, corporate employees and the group of individuals, by advocating and implementing lifestyle management as a means of achieving health & wellbeing

Q3. Why do you deserve to win this award *

We deserve to win the award because we not only implement corporate wellness in our internal group companies. i.e. Arabian Wellness & Rak Hospital but also since we had the medical and health expertise we created Arabian Wellness as a separate company with the specific objective of spreading comprehensive corporate wellness program into all the major companies in Ras al Khaimah. Since 2015 we have incorporated corporate wellness systems into all the major Ras al Khaimah companies [List attached] We believe that corporate wellness is not simply a series of independent activities, but a system of integrated activities. These include Health Screening, Health Counselling, Health Workshops, Fitness, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Quit Smoking etc.This results in quantifiable health improvement of the employees & also the organization, resulting in improved productivity & reduced medicare costs. Samples of the Rak Hospitals, Saqr Port, Hilton Hotels & Saver glass 2 year health profiles [attached] additionally Arabian Wellness is perhaps the only organization in the UAE with board certified corporate wellness professionals & we have tied up with the Rak Medical College & created a university based certificate course to train corporate wellness professionals [Prospectus attached]

Q4. How has your organisation incorporated corporate wellness into its vision and mission?*

The Board of Directors of Arabian Wellness have mentioned wellness into the companies vision & mission as follows:

Vision: To become a world leader in providing scientifically proven Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Management Solutions.

Mission: Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management will continuously improve the health of school children, corporate employees and the group of individuals, by advocating and implementing lifestyle management as a means of achieving health & wellbeing.

a)   We have been recognized as being amongst the top 50 wellness companies in the world by the World Health Congress, & as a Leader in Corporate Wellness by Daman this leads us to believe that we are well on our way to achieving our company vision [Certificate attached]

b)   Also the fact that we have, over the last 5 years, managed the health of children in all the major private schools in Ras al Khaimah & also improved the health of tens of thousands of employees in over 100 Ras al Khaimah corporates, tell us that we are succeeding in our mission [Rak 2 year Health index attached]

Q5. What type of metrics has your organisation put in place to measure your success rates in

corporate wellness? *

Success in Corporate Wellness is usually measured in terms of ROV (Return on Value) & ROI(Return on Investment). ROV is usually measured in terms of Individual Employee Health Improvement & also the Overall Health Improvement of the organization ROI is a measurement of financial return against expenditure incurred due to the cost of health interventions. The established ROI of a comprehensive wellness program is usually 1:3, meaning that corporate health is an investment that gives you financial returns.

a)  Arabian Wellness uses its world patented & copyright health scan (Computerized Health Scan) [attached] to evaluate the individual health of an employee.It covers such aspects as, medical factors, BP, BS, BMI & also health factors including diet activity, stress, smoking & alcohol, safety etc. [Questionnaire attached, i.e. 25 parameter] It utilizes a complex algorithm to connect medical ailments with lifestyle remedies and the computer releases to each individual a personal health prescription that offer solution for all health related issues. These details are retained & in subsequent years, a comparison is made indicating improvement or deterioration in individual parameter [Sample 2 years personal prescription attached]

b)  The corporate health audit compiles the health of the total employee workforce & makes a comparison with previous year results to precisely identify improvement if any [Sample 2 years group profile attached]

c)  However while the Health Risk Assessment Tool (HRAT) as mentioned above is a measurement of improvement, it is by itself only a part of the corporate wellness system. The other components that are directly relevant to improvement are health education, health counselling, health workshop, health activities & also annual review & reward.

Q6. Please give evidence (metrics) of your corporate wellness success rates *

The best evidence of success in corporate wellness is the health improvement of employees in measurable aspects such as chronic disease, physical fitness, stress management, smoking etc. As far as organizations go the other way of measuring success in corporate wellness is reduced medicare costs & improved employee productivity,

We implement corporate wellness in our own organization, i.e. Rak Hospitals covering over 350 employees & also implement these systems in our client organization, several of whom implement these system years on year.

[Attached] is the last 2 year review of corporate health in Rak Hospital & also [Attached] are 2 year review of some of our eminent clients including Rak ceramics 2016, 2017; Stevin Rock 2017, 2018 & Ports 2018, 2019

Q7. How have you engaged, excited and motivated employees to take personal responsibility for their health? *

Unless each employee takes personal responsibility to improve their individual health, the organization cannot achieve its corporate goal of health & productivity improvement. We motivate employees to take responsibility to improve their health by introducing them to the following steps

a)  Individual Health Assessment. Every employee is evaluated annually & their medical (BP, BS, BMI) details & also their health (diet, fitness, stress, alcohol, and smoking) details are made known to them.

 b)  Health Counselling. Every employee is individually counselled on their area of health that needs to be improved. This could range from managing diabetes to losing weight, or doing exercise, or quit smoking etc.

c)  Health Workshops. Thereafter employees are placed in groups with similar health problem, & specific 1 hour health workshops are targeted for these employees in groups of 25 – 30. Such workshops includes stress management, quit smoking, fitness programs, weight loss etc. as required

d)  Health Activities. Monthly / Quarterly I conduct group challenges such as step challenges, weight loss challenge, quit smoking challenge & so on & award individual employee with the greatest health improvement.

e)  Review & Rewards. Annually employees who achieve the best health score, or who have the greatest score improvement or who loses the most weight are acknowledged and awarded in a corporate setting in the presence of seniors colleagues. [Sample – year on year individual health prescription attached]