Jun 1, 2023

Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management Monthly Activity

Monthly activity report for the month of May 2023


As mentioned in our annual plan report, our target for screening for the year 2023 is approx. 8,000 lives and our monthly target for screening is approx. 700 per month. In the month of May 2023, we undertook the wellness screening of

1 Stevin Rock 200
2 Julphar 125
3 Almarai 56
4 Elite extrusion 97
  Total 478

School Health Program

In the month of May, we commenced screening of students with American Academy. Gems and RAK Academy has confirmed to initiate the screening after the summer vacation from the month of September.

may screening      May Screening school


We conducted 8 sessions of 5 minute workplace fitness program for 170 RAK Ceramics employees.

Workshop 1             Workshop 2

World Hypertension Day

To raise awareness about hypertension, promote early detection, and encourage individuals to take control of their blood pressure, in association with MOH & RAK Hospital, we conducted screening for 640 employees