Health Tip

Health Tip Edition 8


Fat Fighting Foods include the following:

  • Low fat yoghurt & Low fat milk
  • Hot peppers & spicy food
  • Green tea & black coffee
  • Grape fruit & citrus fruits
  • Berries, grapes & raisins
  • Vegetable salads 
  • Lean meat & fish
  • Oat meal
  • Popcorn
  • Non creamy soups
  • Beans, Dhal & Lentils



Keep hydrated:

  • If you’re feeling fatigued on a hot day or after a workout due to dehydration, you can get your energy back with a slice of watermelon.
  • Watermelon is rich in water and electrolytes that keep dehydration at bay and help keep you active and free from symptoms of fatigue.
  • It is rich in fatigue-fighter nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, lycopene, beta-carotene and iron


Stress Management

Food for Sleep:

  • Milk & bananas & honey  have Tryptophan which aids sleep
  • Carbohydrates; cereal, bread, crackers, pasta, help sleep
  • A light meal or a snack as opposed to a heavy night time meal aids sleep
  • Avoid high fat & fried foods
  • Beware of caffeine & coffee, an hour or two before bed
  • Some medications prevent sleep, check with your doctor
  • Avoid spicy foods
  • Avoid steaks & protein; these are hard to digest
  • Hydration is good in the day, avoid hydrating at night, it will keep you awake & running to the toilet


Avoid Addictions

Try and Try again:

  •  It’s very common to have a relapse, many smokers try several times before giving up cigarettes for good.
  • Examine the emotions and circumstances that lead to your relapse.
  • Use it as an opportunity to reaffirm the commitment to quitting.
  • Once a decision is made to try again, set a "quit date" within the next month



Losing weight  

  • Losing weight is one of the best things you can do to help prevent heart disease.
  • Extra pounds affect the lining of your arteries, making them more likely to collect plaque from cholesterol.
  • Losing weight, especially belly fat helps raise HDL "good" cholesterol and reduce LDL "bad" cholesterol

Jul 6, 2023