Health Tip

Health Tip Edition 11


Antioxidants & Ageing:

  • Foods that help you live longer include Olive Oil.
  • Strawberry and other berries.
  • Fish eaten once or twice a week.
  • All types of beans, vegetables & salads.
  • An occasional glass of wine, Nuts, Dairy products, Whole grain foods.
  • To maintain a healthy weight light exercise done daily.


Running Tips:

  • Never run on an empty stomach.
  • Always keep hydrated by drinking a cup of water or having fruit juice before you start running.
  • Running with a buddy is a good idea
  • Avoid running alone especially if you are an older runner
  • Never run too fast, better run & walk in between, when tired.

Stress Management

Feel Good Factors:

  • Sunlight stimulates the feel good hormone & reduces depression.
  • Sleep for 8 hours daily, during sleep the body heals itself.
  • Eat foods like fruits & salads daily. They balance your mood.
  • Stay positive. It relieves anxiety.
  • Get Spiritual. It makes you positive & hopeful.
  • Have a good network of family & friends. This reduces stress.

Avoid Addictions

An Effort to Quit Smoking:

  • Do talk to your doctor about prescription pills that help you manage your urge to smoke.
  • Join a quit smoking group & take the help of friends & family.
  • Avoid triggers like alcohol, coffee & stress.
  • Physical activity & exercise are a good thing to do every day.
  • Eat a lot of fresh fruit & vegetables.
  • In case you FAIL, set a date & start your quit smoking effort again



Therapeutic Exercises:

  • Moderate & daily exercise under the guidance of a professional is beneficial for people who have had heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, COPD, depression, low back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, etc.
  • Exercise is also beneficial for those who are overweight, highly stresses & smokers

Aug 26, 2023