Health Tip Edition 13



  • DASH is acclaimed as the best diet to manage hypertension.
  • Reduce daily intake of salt to 1 tea spoon max.
  • Eat wholegrain.
  • Eat leafy & raw vegetables as salad for 2 meals daily.
  • Eat 1 or 2 fruits daily.
  • Eat fish & poultry. Avoid red meat.
  • Eat nuts & legumes daily.
  • Avoid saturated oils.
  • Avoid sweets & desserts.
  • Have low fat yoghurt.


Alternate Ways to Exercise

  •  30 Minutes brisk walk along with 10 minutes free hand exercise daily. 
  • Jog for 20 minutes & on alternate days do 30 minutes gyms exercise.
  • Play tennis or any other outdoor game 2 days a week, walking or golf 2 days a week & gardening 1 day a week. 
  • Bike for 30 min 3 days a week with trekking the balance 2 days.


Stress Management

Managing Anxiety

  •  Constantly worrying about anything & everything is called General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).
  • This affects your sleep & health, resulting in headaches, nausea, etc.
  • GAD could be genetic & affects women more than men & is treated by psychotherapy or talk therapy.
  • Yoga, meditation, exercise, music therapy, etc. helps.
  • Talk to your Doctors who may prescribe medication or consult a psychologist.


Avoid Addictions

Eat Fruits & Veggies

  •  Don't try to diet when giving up cigarettes, too much deprivation is bound to back fire.
  • Instead, focus on eating more fruits, vegetables & low fat dairy products.
  • A Duke University Study suggests these foods make cigarettes taste terrible, this helps in fighting the cravings while providing disease fighting nutrients.



To Prevent Breast Cancer

  •  Exercising for at least 30 min a day.
  • Keep within an acceptable weight range.
  • Avoid hormone therapy unless prescribed by the physician.
  • Limiting alcohol to not more than once or twice a week, & not more than a unit per occasion.
  • Avoid high fat commercial diet of fried foods & instead eat salads daily

Nov 4, 2023