Health Tip

Health Tip Edition 18


Mood Foods:

  • Stress Relievers: Whole grain, rice, potatoes, pasta, noodles - give you a sense of satiety & satisfaction.
  • Energy Foods: Oranges, apples, fruits, fish, etc - supply steady energy.
  • Smartness: Eggs, milk, prunes - are good foods for the brain.
  • Concentration: Apples, grapes, tea, lemons - help you concentrate.
  • Sexy Foods: Nuts, Chocolates, Wine, Coffee.



Benefits of Hiking: 

  • Hiking provides plenty of fresh air, a good view & nice sounds of nature.
  • It is a powerful cardio workout. It lowers cholesterol, blood sugar & risk of heart disease, strengthens the bones, improves balance & coordination, and helps control weight.
  • It also reduces stress & improves your mood. surroundings.


Stress Managemen

Mid Life Crisis:

  • Women approaching 40 & men in their 50's are prone to greater depression.
  • Usually the overload of looking after children & in addition caring for aged parents is a stressor.
  • The middle ages reduce the body's ability to metabolize food resulting in low absorption of vitamins & minerals leading to fatigue.
  • Low testerone levels in men cause depression & loss of interest in sex.


Avoid Addictions

Avoid Opioids (Medication) Dependency:

  • Opioids are medication prescribed in pain reduction & Opioid misuse (too much, too frequent) is closely rivalling smoking as a cause of death in USA.
  • While older persons on long opoid use, tend to suffer from memory loss & frequent falls; younger patients are more likely to over dose, frequently resulting in death.
  • Always ask the following questions when prescribed pain medication:
  • Is this medication an Opioid?
  • Could I have a non Opioids pain reliever such as (NSAIDS – Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs) which is not addictive?
  • Is this the lowest dose possible?



Good Oil v/s Bad Oil:

  • While saturated and Trans fats are roadblocks to a healthy heart, unsaturated fats are essential for good health.
  • “Good” fats include Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Fatty fish like salmon, trout, or herring and flaxseed, canola oil, and walnuts all contain polyunsaturated fats that are vital for the body.
  • Omega 6 Fatty Acids & Vegetable oils, including soy nuts, and many types of seeds all contain healthy fats.

Jan 24, 2024