Mar 30, 2024

Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management Monthly Activity

Monthly activity report for the month of February 2024


As mentioned in our annual plan report, our target for screening for the year 2023 is approx. 8,000 lives and our monthly target for screening is approx. 700 per month. In the month of February 2023, we undertook the wellness screening of


S. No Company Employee Screened
1 RAK Ceramics 450

School Screening

In the month of February, we undertook the health screening of the following

S.No School Children Screened
1 RAK Academy 492


            1          2 



Sports Activities

We conducted Cricket matches for our corporate clients. 6 companies participated and we had 19 teams from RAK Ceramics, ARC International, X Chem, Utico, Stevin Rock and Saqr Ports






Health Talks

We conducted health talks for employees of Star metropolis lab & Rak hospital  on the topic pillar of health & 5 minutes fitness program covering around 100 employees.


Weight loss Webinars & Tips

As part of the weight loss challenge, we sent weekly tips and conducted Webinars for the participants. In this connection two tips  was sent to all the participants and two Webinars were also conducted as follows:

Date Topic Speaker
16th Feb Genetics: The key to your unique weight loss journey Prof. Adrian Kennedy
2nd Feb Burning Your Calories Dr. Nikhat Khan



RAK Hospital Activities

Swiss Health Check We arranged for 42 Swiss health checkup in the month of February.