Beyond physical fitness, stress reduction and health improvement; sports makes available lessons in teamwork, leadership, delegation, fair play, etc.

In order to propagate these Health & Management Skills through Arabian Wellness proposes to conduct Corporate Sports Championships in both physical and mental sports such as Walk/Run, Handball, Mind Games, Basket Ball, Football, etc.

The events will have a friendly yet competitive personality and will be conducted on a team championship basis with ample opportunity for all ages to participate on equal terms.

We are confident that participating in the Corporate Sports Championships will bring many benefits to both employees and organizations.


The Sports Championship is available to Industries and Corporates in Ras al Khaimah. Each Corporate can register one or more teams in each sport/ game.

Each Sport/ Game will be conducted as per calendar every 2 to 3 months at 6 events per year, on a knock out basis. Corporates may participate in any/all sports/games as they chose.

Arabian Wellness will conduct the tournaments at a central location and provide equipment, officials and refreshments to players. Corporates to make available their teams in appropriate kits.

Participation/ registration fee for each championship will be charged per Corporate team.


The Corporate Sports and Championship

Let this calendar of corporate sports events inspire camaraderie, team spirit and friendly competition within corporate in Ras al Khaimah

  • Walk/ Run: The 7K walk run is an exhilarating opportunity for employees to compete together as a team comfortably, against other teams. A healthy opportunity for all to bond together.

  • Handball: A popular European team game. Plan, strategize and pass the ball to a team mate to outmaneuver and outscore the opposing team. An easy game to play.

  • Mind Games: Who says Sports is all Brawn and No Brain? In Mind Games such as our quiz competition, you get to use your grey cells sharpen your presence of mind and win laurels for your organization.

  • Basket Ball: America’s National Game. While your colleagues cheer, participate in our knock out basketball tournament and win prizes along with your team mates, for your company.

  • Football: Be a part of the most popular game in the world. Our football fiesta, with a difference will have male and female players in the same team, scoring goals for the organization.

  • Family Sports: Alongside competitive events such as 100 m shot put, relay races, etc. win prizes for fun events like 3 leg race, the obstacle race, the piggy back race, etc. A fun family sports festival to delight all ages. Cricket, cycling and other sports will also be mutually planned & organized.