Medical Screening

Of all students in BMI, Diabetes, Lipids, Eye, Lung Capacity, Waist Adiposity, etc.


Lifestyle Screening

In Genetics, Diet, Exercise Activity, Stress, Health Behaviour.


Health Education

One hour class room talks in

  • Diet & Nutrition, 
  • Exercise & Fitness, 
  • Stress & Mental Health and 
  • Health Behavior in Adolescents, etc.

Outdoor Fitness Test

For all students, i.e.

  • Strength (Push ups),
  • Stamina (12 minute run), 
  • Speed (100 mtr run), 
  • Supplesness (spinal), 
  • Flexibility, 
  • Strength (Ht/ Wt).

Individual Record

Each student will get their individual medical & lifestyle prescriptions, fitness certificates, etc


College Records

The institution will receive the cumulative health records of all participants & statistical analysis of wellness standards.



Program will be conducted by our Physicians, Health Professionals, Dietician, Psychologists, etc.