We offer leading organizations the opportunity to take center stage at a national forum by opting to sponsor the annual corporate wellness awards.

At the end of each year, we review all organizations that have participated in our corporate wellness programs. The organization with the best health index from the various emirates will be awarded the “Healthiest Organization” Award and the corporate with the best health indices in the UAE will be chosen for the “Healthiest Organization in UAE” Award.

Each participating organization will be awarded with a “Participation Certificate”. From amongst the participating organizations, the “Best Implementing Manager” from the corporate would also be awarded.

Our work place health and wellness awards scheme covers all industries and commercial organizations (employing more than 50 people) and awards organizations who have the healthiest work force.

Approach & Systems

Step 1: To fix a mutually acceptable date for the health screening, at the organizations worksite, of all/majority of the employees. Height, Weight, BMI, Body fat, Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Stress, Smoking, Diet, Exercise and other such parameters, will be evaluated by our qualified team of Doctors, Nurses and other health professionals.

Step 2: Each employee receives a personal health card detailing his/her health findings and the organization gets a health audit report with the cumulative health percentile score of all employees who are screened.

Step 3: We propose to cover over 100 corporate organizations annually and at a glittering annual awards function, award the companies with highest health scores, i.e. having the healthiest employee workforce and many more awards.


Beyond the health screening, Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management LLC is committed to working on wellness with all corporates on mutually agreed terms in order to improve the health and wellness of corporate employees.