1. Introduction: 

Arabian Wellness & LILESTYLE MANAGEMENT LLC - Working on Wellness (WOW !!)

Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management specializes in evaluating Health and incorporating Lifestyle changes in order to improve the Health & Fitness of Corporate Employees.

With decades of experience, we, at Arabian Wellness create, implement, and manage, comprehensive work place health through programs customized specifically for each organization. Our Corporate Healthcare Plan provides a one - stop solution to address the health & fitness needs of organizations, and includes individual and group solutions.

Studies show that the return on investment in Corporate Health and Wellness initiatives include increased productivity, improved employee morale, reduced healthcare costs, and reduced absenteeism. The key to success in Corporate Health, is not merely medical and illness support, but also through preventive care, with a focus on Diet and nutrition, Exercise & fitness and stress reduction. This path leads to Lifestyle change and enables all employees to reach their full productive potential.

 Components of our Workplace Health Program

The category that we have applied for is Health – Distinguished Corporate Fitness Initiatives, and in this submission we will be emphasizing upon the physical activity, physical fitness, weight loss and related components of our corporate programs and the beneficial impact these have had Health & Productivity.

For more information on the work we do for Corporate customers log on to website


2. Case Study – Customer Experience

We are perhaps the largest comprehensive corporate health provider in the UAE. In our very first year of operations in 2012 – 2013 we had 55 Corporate customers and touched around 10,000 individual employees as customers.

List of Corporates

We conduct Employee Health Surveys for every corporate customer, in order to understand the current Health status and needs of the customer.  At the macro level the corporate is our customer and at the micro level each employee is our customer. We repeat the Health Surveys every year in order to keep track of improving or deteriorating health status of the customer.

Sample customer (employee) health assessment & prescription with annual tracking.

The data gathered from these health surveys enable us to scientifically research and statistically evaluate the health risks of the corporate organizations as a whole, in order to plan future health improvement strategy for the Corporate customer.

Sample Corporate Group Health Audit

While we seek to improve all health areas (stress, smoking, exercise, nutrition, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, in line with evidence based guidelines and protocols, Since this presentation is specific to Health and  Corporate Fitness, we highlight a 3 year review of fitness related findings of our largest customer, RAK Ceramic with over 9,000 employees.

Details of the results and improvements in all health risk areas for the period 2013 – 2015

In order to ensure maximum compliance of employees, we work with the HR & HSE departments and make out the proposed employee engagement plan and circulate it to all HODs to ensure maximum release of employees for the various health programs.

Sample of annual Employee Engagement Plan


3. Robust Processes and Infrastructure

Our end to end individual employee/customer process comprises of the following four steps:

- Utilizing our health & fitness, lifestyle scan to evaluate the health of employees. Our scan is attached in Illustration 1 and is based on the current standards and protocols and best practice guidelines laid down by the United States Preventive Services Task Force. This includes evaluation in physical fitness components of Stamina (heart rate & lung capacity), Strength (abdominal sit up test) & Flexibility (spine flexibility test).


- Each employee receives a personal and individual lifestyle prescription and undergoes counseling by our lifestyle physician. Sample of Lifestyle Prescription attached – Illustration 2. The prescription and counseling includes fitness counseling to improve stamina (walking, jogging, cycling and swimming), strength (Gym exercises) & flexibility (joint mobility exercises).


- Employees thereafter undergo training programs and workshops as appropriate to their needs. These include stress management, quit smoking, nutrition and weight loss, exercise & fitness, etc. The PPT presentation relevant to our Exercise component is attached in illustration 3. Also attached is a video link of one of our Fitness & Nutrition talks – Illustration – 4.



- While the assessment is done annually and talks and workshops are done every month, we remain connected with our customers by sending them weekly health tips that cover all areas including Exercise & Fitness. Sample attached in Illustration 5.


The diverse skills required for this comprehensive program is ensured by our Multidisciplinary team of health professionals including, Physician, Nurse, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Lifestyle counselors and IT professional. Illustration 6


Review of our processes and performance is done annually by our corporate customer keeping in mind key performance indicators like employee engagement, productivity, absenteeism, medicare costs, etc. and review is done by us of each individual customer (employee) by reviewing their Health Risk areas. These outputs and research findings are benchmarked against National & International standards. Illustration – 7 (Tata, UAE, USA, comparison, etc.)


4. Partner Development

Arabian Wellness is tied up with the following partners to supplement its skills:

RAK Hospital which is a 120 bedded multispecialty hospital in Ras Al Khaimah. We are the social & corporate outreach arm for the Hospital and through our reach drive corporate clients to the Hospital. In return for our Screening & talks, we utilize Doctors from the Hospital for more details log onto www.rakhospital.com. We also manage the Swiss Health checks for RAK Hospitals. See Illustrations for brochure 1.

http://www.arabianwellness.com//index.php?page=basic-health-check-up http://www.arabianwellness.com//index.php?page=executive-health-check-up http://www.arabianwellness.com//index.php?page=well-women-check-up  

RAK Medical & Health Sciences University is our Academic partner for our online Lifestyle Medicine & Lifestyle Management, post graduate academic programs. RAKMHSU conducts graduate academic programs for Doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other medical & health professionals. For more details log onto www.rakmhsu.com. See Illustrations for our academic brochures 2.



RAK Insurance – Arabian Wellness is the corporate wellness provider for RAK Insurance Health clients. Our brief is to implement health and fitness programs for their clients in order to improve health and reduce medical utilization. Log onto www.rakinsurance.com. See Illustrations for our Blue Collar & White Collar Health Insurance Corporate Wellness Plans 3.



European Lifestyle Medicine Organization, Geneva – ELMO is the apex body for lifestyle medicine in Europe and the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (Harvard), Boston, USA, is similarly an apex body in the USA. Our Chief Wellness Officer Prof. Adrian Kennedy, was the founder Director of ILM(Harvard)from 2006 – 2010 and is currently the ambassador UAE and India for ELMO. See Illustration for Prof. Kennedy’s details 4. Log onto www.eulm.org. For details about ELMO.


MySaudiWellness is a Saudi based company that manages corporate programs Arabian Wellness is the organization that executes all the Saudi Arabia corporate wellness programs and conducts all lifestyle medicine academic programs in Saudi Arabia on behalf of MySaudiWellness. For more details log onto www.mysaudiwellness.com.

5. Social Responsibility

Arabian Wellness is the not for profit entity of the Arabian Healthcare Group and Health Education and Sports activities are integrated into its core business verticals of school & corporate health.

  1. A.      School Health – We reach out to schools through our SAHI school based program that concentrates on Health Education and School Sports. Schools that are registered with us and participate in our programs include:
    RAK Academy
    Gems School
    Scholars Indian School
    Indian Public School
    Indian High School
    Alpha High School
    Ideal English School 

Details regarding SAHI can be seen at

Our Education Programs cover several thousand children each year and are conducted by our Doctors, Psychologist and Nursing Educators team. As follows:

-          Class 1 – 6 (age 5 – 10)   - Health & Hygiene, hand washing, dental, etc.

-          Class 7 – 9 (age 11 – 13)  -  Good Health Rules, Fitness & Nutrition

-          Class 10 – 13 (age 14 – 18)- Teen age Stress, Examination Stress

More details in Illustration 2 (Photos of talks)


Our School Sports Programs is conducted by Coach LK Adhikari, member BBFI & 7 times National Champion in Body Building. Profile in Illustration 3.


In schools we have been conducting Inter School Sports Champion since 2013 in games such as Football & Basketball.

Posters of our Tournaments in Illustration 4


Gallery of School Sports pictures in Illustration 5



  1. B.       Corporate Health – Our corporate health programs also places a great deal of emphasis on Health Education and Sports.

Health Education – We conduct over 300 Health Empowerment & Education classes annually for :

-          Blue Collar workers

-          White Collar workers & spouses

Our faculties for these for these talks are:

-          Prof. Adrian Kennedy – Profile in Illustration 6


-          Dr. Savita Menon       - Profile in Illustration 7


-          Dr. HS Wilkhoo   - Profile in Illustration 8


-          Coach LK Adhikari - Profile in Illustration 9


The programs and workshops that are conducted include:

-          Rules of Good Health

-          Nutrition & Weight Management

-          Exercise & Fitness

-          Stress Management

-          Quit Smoking

-          Disease Management, etc.


Physical Efficiency Program – For the first time in the UAE, we have initiated the Exercise at work program in RAK Ceramic. In this scheme, we have created 2 to 3 Exercise champions in each department of RAK Ceramics to lead their colleagues in a 5 minute exercise program at their worksite each morning. See Illustrations for Photos 10.


Corporate Sports Program – We conduct year round sports competition between Ras al Khaimah corporates. Our objective is to encourage recreational sports in order to improve employee moral & fitness. We prefer to encourage team games such as

-          Football

-          Cricket

-          Volleyball

-          Basketball, etc.

Both male and female teams participate from over 10 – 15 corporate. See Illustrations 10 for photo.




6. Innovation & Ideas

During the last 3 years we have gestated and implemented 2 innovative ideas:

  1. Online Health Scan – The Health & Lifestyle Assessment and Screening of a customer is normally done at a hospital or clinic in the presence of a doctor, along with medical tests. With Hyjiya, a digital company, we created the online Health Risk Assessment Tool, which allows a customer to enter in all their medical test results into the computer, at home or in office and by answering a few demographic questions of height, weight, age, gender, etc. the customer gets an online health and lifestyle assessment and correction prescription for diet, exercise, etc. For details log on to www.hyjiya.com
  1. B.       Online Academic Programs in Lifestyle Medicine Lifestyle Medicine is a new subject in medical science and is just being introduced into the medical college curriculum. This is good for medical students but leaves the medical professional who is currently in practice without any means of accessing this subject. Accordingly, along with RAK Medical & Health Sciences University we created the online Lifestyle Medicine academic program for Doctors and Health Professionals. The course has been validated by the European Society of Lifestyle Medicine and approved by the Ministry of Health, Abudhabi. See  Illustration 1 for the online Lifestyle Medicine academic Program prospectus and log onto www.rakmhsu.com.


7. Glossary of terms

A. Introduction:

- Wellness Assessment – Assessing Diet, Fitness, Stress & Health Habits

- Wellness Audit – Annual review and comparison of the Corporate Health & Wellness Statistics

- 5 Star Fitness Tests – Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Speed and Structure

B. Customer Experience:

- HR – Human Resources

- HSE – Health, Safety & Environment

- HOD – Head of Department

C. Robust Process:

- Lifestyle Scan – Software that evaluates diet, activity, stress, etc.

- Health Risk – HBP, Diabetes, Obesity, Sedentary, Smoking, Stress, etc.

D. Partner Development:

- Blue Collar – Worker

- White Collar – Office Staff

- CME – Continuing Medical Education

E. Social Responsibility:

- SAHI – Arabic word for Healthy

- BFFI – Body Building Federation of India

- Physical Efficiency Program – Exercise program done in office

F. Innovation & Ideas:

- Online Health Scan – Software systems that evaluate Health Status

- Lifestyle Medicine – The evaluation & utilizing of daily habits (food, exercise, sleep, stress, smoking, etc.) to manage health.