An educative session on Hygiene and Sleep for children in RAK Academy by SAHI

As a part of "Wellbeing Week" Celebration in RAK Academy (PYP), SAHI conducted 4 days of workshop on "Hygiene and Sleep" for the students, from 6th March 2016 to 9th March 2016.The talks were age appropriate, which covered all the students of RAK Academy (PYP).The workshop was conducted by Ms.Divya Rose, Registered Nurse cum Educator, SAHI.

There were 24 classes and each class took 20-30 minutes which covered the importance of cleanliness and sleep in the growth and development of a child. Children were demonstrated a proper hand washing technique, brushing technique and other aspects of hygiene too.

The sessions were interactive and included activities and fun. The event was successful and effective.