1 )How are you? An interactive on the spot series of health tests covering genetics, medical ailments, body structure, personality, diet, habits etc that indicates how healthy you are. 

2) Rules of Good health An overview of what it takes to be healthy. Topics covered include, diet, exercise, stress, smoking, chronic disease management etc. 

3) Exercise & Fitness This interactive and experiential program deals with age and gender related exercises that are easy to do and sustain. Topics include yoga, gym exercises, the benefits of walking, fitness evaluation, the benefits of sports etc. 

4) Nutrition This informative program tells you, all you need to know about nutrition, diets, calories, metabolism, fat, fibre, vitamins, supplements, therapeutic diet for HBP and diabetes etc. It also gives you the perfect solutions to weight loss. 

5) Lifestyle management The major cause of disease in the world today is modern lifestyles resulting in heart attacks, cancer, stress, obesity and chronic diseases. This talk advises on how we can reverse these ailments through lifestyle change. 

6)Dependency Management Why Do People Smoke – Social behavior? Peer group? Availability? Why Do People find it difficult to Quit Smoking - Biological or psychological reasons?This workshop provides an individual and group approach to Stop smoking. It addresses reasons why people start, why they find it difficult to stop and steps to quit smoking. Various Quit methods and Support from medication, NRT are also discussed. 

7)Stress Management Are you Stressed? Can you identify the signs and symptoms of stress? Can you judge the real Source of your stress? The ultimate impact of all unmanaged stress is on your Health. This Stress Workshop helps take a good look at your Stress and Coping methods. It also teaches you to harness Stress and make it work for you. 

8) Corporate Wellness A healthy employee is more productive and spends less on hospitalization and medicines. Here we talk about what corporate around the globe are doing in order to keep their employees healthy and we outline the steps involved in implementing a comprehensive corporate health plan for your organization.

9)Healthy Ageing Individuals, who live a long healthy life, have a few things in common and these are frugal diet, moderate exercise, adequate sleep and a happy relationship. This talk advises on how to remain healthy as you age. 

10)Work life Balance Can there be a balance between Work and Life? Equal balance between work and personal activities is difficult and there is no fixed formula. This workshop helps participants understand what fits their needs the best. It establishes the importance of Life and Health, while not taking away from Work. 

11)Behaviour Change Change is a many layered process where a person moves from Thinking about and wondering to actually changing. It is a process where contemplation gives way to action. This workshop helps participants understand the psychology behind Change, why Change is difficult and why sustaining change is even more so. 

12)Mental Wellbeing Do you have the capacity to form harmonious relations with others? Are you fully satisfied with your personal life and career? If you say yes, it can be said that you are balanced and mentally well. This program helps you understand your Perception, Attitude and Personality and the role they play in your wellbeing. 

13)Smart Parenting While Parenting has many challenges, the rewards are in plenty too. This is a time of life when time is short and demands are many. Parents play multiple roles, switching from executive to apron, coach to dishwasher. This program talks about Parenting needs and how to meet them, it shows parents how to be Smart Parents. 

14)Ladies health & wellness Have Women learned how to balance the important segments of life – Social, Personal, Home, Work, Health? In their desire to Multi task and fulfill all roles of life, are they taking care of themselves? This program talks about the essential Rules of Good health. It shows her how to manage her Stress and be productive, how to be active and fit, how to prioritise her own sleep and rest, how to ensure the right nutrition not just for her family, but herself as well. 

15)Community Health Traces the evolution of medicine from prehistoric times 5000BC to the modern day covering Traditional medicine ,(Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Roman Medicine) etc, to modern medicine (Sanitation,Disinfection,Immunisation & Surgery) to community & lifestyle medicine ,(Chronic Diseases, Weight Management, Stress Management) etc. 

16)Cardiac Care The major killer in the world accounting for over 60% deaths worldwide is from Cardiac ailments. This talk explain the relationship between ,Diabetes, Hypertension,& Hyper cholesterol to Coronary Artery Disease & the relationship between these ailments & Lifestyle factors like diet,stress,smoking,& a sedentary lifestyle. 

17)Health Scan The Health Scan is a world patented software that integrates medical diagnostics (BP, Sugar, Cholesterol, ECG) etc with lifestyle factors including (Family History, Diet, Stress, Physical activity, Health habits) etc in order to evaluate your health status. It thereafter gives the client a lifestyle prescription that modifies diet, prescribes exercise, manages stress etc to reduce medical risk.